Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Exactly Right

From http://www.biblemesh.com/blog/2011/06/13/yes-heaven-is-a-real-place-but/
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The book "Heaven is for Real" is about a boy who spent 3 minutes in heaven with Jesus.  It has sold almost 2 million copies and is #1 on NY Times best seller list.  If we want to know about heaven why aren;t we going to the Scriptures? This is from the Bible Mesh Blog:

"Aside from the fact that, as Bill Hybels once wisely pointed out, you don’t lead with your best “weird God story” when you’re trying to evangelize someone, I am more bothered by the high regard and sheer enthusiasm many well-intentioned lay evangelicals are affording to Todd Burpo’s book. Nor am I embarrassed by the discussion of evidence for the afterlife, having written about it previously, and commending Dinesh D’Souza’s fine book about the subject along the way. What bothers me about the reception of Heaven is a Real Place is what it says about the relatively low view of the sufficiency of Scripture among evangelicals today. In other words, it’s not good enough for us to hear about heaven from the holy apostles, Church Fathers, and trusted commentaries on Scripture. No, we need a little boy sitting on Jesus’ lap to tell us that instead. Then we will believe it. And that phenomenon ultimately bodes ill for everyone who really does love the Bible: pastors, teachers, parents, and yes, even children."

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