Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Soul Surfer

i remember two years ago browsing the Camp of the Woods (Christian retreat center in upstate NY) book store on a rainy day looking for a new Bible for Gabby who was 8.  i came across this really cool looking Bible for girls (pink cover w/ flowers, button latch, etc) and in it was the story of Bethany Dillion a girl who lost her arm to a shark while suffering.  It was here testimony and story.  Gabby thought the Bible was cool as well as Bethany's story so we bought it.  Well i was pleased to learn that they were making a movie about Bethany but also a little weary knowing how Hollywood tones down any Christian message. I heard on a web site that they had blacked out the Words Holy Bible on the dad's Bible in one scene so people would not know he was reading the bible.  (hopefully not true).  The movie comes out Friday and the review i read to today is encouraging (
here is the trailer:

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