Monday, April 18, 2011

Haiti Pics

This is the almost complete orphanage that can house up to 100 children, right now there are just over 50.

Here are some of the kids

This is the solar water purifier and the source of all the electricity at the orphanage.  It was donated by the city of Raway NJ after the earthquake and is worth over 100,000

This is Pastor Ronald's unfinished house on the orphange property

This is a view of the Orphanage property, it is 3 arches with a 10 foot wall around it

This is Pastor Ronald (bottom right) and some of his pastoral staff, pastor Tilage (top left), and pastor Roman (top right).  Pastor Ronald is really a Bishop who presides over more than 30 churches.

This is Pastor Ronald's main church is Bon Repos, it is being fixed up after the earthquake

This is the church i preached at in Hinche, there were over 500 people there

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