Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two More Books

Over my vacation break last week i read two books, neither met my expectations
The first book was "The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle"  I know basically nothing about Mickey Mantle but have always wanted to read a book about this legendary Yankee.  I grew up a Mets fan, 1986 world series was the greatest baseball i have ever watched, then for about 10 years watched absolutely no baseball, but the older i get the more i am drawn back to the sport and now i am a Yankee fan.  But anyway, the book got great reviews so i picked it up BUT i only read about half because in the book Mantle comes across as a total JERK.  I think the book is for those that already know the 'legends' of Mickey and now want the true story but i guess i just wanted the romanticised version.  Plus the writer bounces around the timeline and does not explain basic connections in Mantle;'s life so i found her writing confusing

The other book i read was "What good is God?" by Philip Yancy.  Now i have read just about everything Yancey has written and i really enjoy him as a writer but he has definitely fallen into a major rout in his writing.  He has two basic themes: 1. The church stinks, and 2. Where is God when things are bad?  I have always found his writing very challenging and courageous, he tackles the question no other Christians writers dare to go near.  I don't always agree with his conclusions but he always makes me think.  However i am so tired of his issues with the church and especially his traumatized college experience.  I really just want to give him a hug and tell him to get over it and move on.  The funny thing is that he and i went to the same college, although we were decades apart.  And yes Columbia certainly leaned into legalistic Christianity without a doubt but really its time to get over it Philip!

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