Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Two Reads

"Coming Back Stronger" is the autobiography of Superbowl winning, Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.  It a pretty good read as far as sports autobiographies go. I was impressed at Drew steady Christian witness through out the book.  In the Epilogue Drew gives his advise for living, points like: Don;t give up, find a mentor, etc.  even these were focused on God.  Its a quick read and encouraging.  It amazes me how many professional athletes claim to be Christians, this one appears to really back up the talk with his walk.  Still not a Saints fan though - Go Giants!

"Saving Leonardo" is written by the excellent writer Nancy Pearcey who wrote the book "Total Truth"  This is much in the same vine as Total Truth and the first few chapters read like a summary.  Especially with the upper/lower tier view of truth.  But the bulk of the book is an excellent critique and evaluation of the Arts and Media through a Christan World view.  It reads allot like a text book and would be an excellent resource in a college level class on the arts - certainly not for the faint in heart - but i know i will be using it in years t come as a valuable resource tool.

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