Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Advice to Billy Ray

Billy Ray Cyrus' interview with GQ (see older post) is creating quite a ruckus, he is understandably not getting much sympathy - i enjoyed this article in National Review http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/260122/billy-ray-knows-best-kathryn-jean-lopez
here is one of the quotes that really struck me:

Glenn Stanton, author of Secure Daughters, Confident Sons, offers advice, “Billy Ray needs to gather his courage — man up — and do what his heart is screaming at him to do. . . . He, like all dads, needs to saddle up, ride in and be the protector of his daughter from a predatory world. And I am not talking about being overprotective, that’s not helpful either. But as Billy Ray explains in the profile, he has only been riding in after the damage to mop up the mess. That won’t do and it hasn’t. His daughter needs him, even if it seems she’s sending the message that she doesn’t.”

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