Thursday, September 9, 2010

position before practice

Martyn Lloyd Jones writes: (Life in Christ p.283-4)

I do feel that this is perhaps the greatest weakness of all in the Christian Church, that we fail to realize what we are, or who we are….. Or let me put it to you like this: is it not the honest truth that most of the unhappiness that we experience in this life is due to our failure to realize this truth? …all of our unhappiness is ultimately to be traced back to this: that we are looking at things that are happening to us, instead of looking at this vision that is held there before us. It is because we do not see ourselves as the children of God and going through this life and world in the way that this test indicates … In the same way we must realize, I think, that most of our failure to live the Christian life as we should live it is also due to the same cause. If only we realized who we are, then the problem of conduct would almost automatically be solved. This is how parents often deal with this problem in instructing their children. They say to them ' Now remember who you are.' In other words it is our failure to realize who we are that causes us to stumble on this whole question of moral conduct and behavior… If once we saw ourselves as we are depicted here, there would be no need to persuade us to live the Christian life… the more I read the NT, the more I am impressed by the fact that every appeal for conduct and good living and behavior is always made in terms of our position. The Bible never asks us to do anything w/o reminding us first of all who we are."

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