Monday, June 21, 2010

Evil speaks with a British accent?

This week I was reading "Minority Report" a book by Carl Trueman who is a professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary. It is a collection of his writings and essays over the years and is very informative and entertaining. On his chapter on "The Banality of Evil" he makes this point about evil people in the movies always speaking with a British accent (btw Trueman is British). I couldn't help but laugh as I was watching the BP CEO Hayward get racked over the coals by Congress.

"….there are subtle ways in which this fascination with the sophistication of evil manifests itself. For example, American movies and television programs contain a highly disproportionate number of screen villains who have English accents. Indeed in any whodunit where one of the characters is English, it is relatively easy to guess who committed the murder from the moment the character opens his or her mouth. In a recent series of 24, even the Russian villain spoke with an impeccable English Accent. The accent betrays the moral depravity, the sophisticated moral depravity, that lurks beneath the superficially polite fa├žade."

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