Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thursday is Earth Day

.....The Kyoto Treaty, Global warming, rain Forrest depletion (remember this one?), the ozone layer, drilling in Anwar, Nuclear energy, and alkaline barriers killing dolphins (I learned this one from my kids).......

Where do we as Christians stand on the environment?
What does the Bible say?
How do we as Believers develop a Christian Worldview of Environmental Stewardship?

How about we start in Genesis chapters one & two
1. God created everything
2. God sustains His creation
3. God is transcendent over His creation
4. God values His creation
5. God cares for His creation
6. God's creation brings Him glory
7. God's greatest creation was mankind
8. God wants mankind to enjoy His creation
9. God has a role for mankind in His creation
10. God's creation is fallen - affected by sin

Where do we start? James Lovelock (atmospheric scientist) argued with Mother Teresa (!?!?) at Oxford's University's Global Forum for Survival in 1988 - Mother Teresa said that if we take of the people on the planet, the earth will survive. Lovelock countered that we if take care of the planet, the problems of the people will be solved. (Thinking Straight p.239)
- Radically different stating points - one starts with man, one with nature

An interesting exercise would be to compare two official 'Christian' responses to Global Warming & the environment. Both statements have very famous Christian 'celebrates' & pastors as signatures. Check them both out and let me know which one you would sign & why you would sign it

The Cornwall alliance

The Evangelical Climate Initiative

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