Friday, March 26, 2010

How does God speak to us?

This is a very good & thought provoking short message from James MacDonald on how God speaks to us
Check it out:
Below is the chart he teaches through:


  1. love this. we need to get back the Bible

  2. Through the Word is of course the norm, and the only debatable issue here is with the "dreams and visions" sorts of revelation. I think the frequency is different for different people. I see that some of the prophets received revelation directly from God more frequently (like once every few years), but others only a couple of such appearances in their entire life. There are also intense periods of Gods revelation, where during an event (war, crisis, reign of a certain king) God spoke more frequently in these ways. But the point is clear - God is NOT a personal secretary that we tote around in our pockets who will remind us at every moment what to do.