Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is the church known for truth or good values?

I came across this quote reading Lesslie Newbigin "To tell the truth"

 "It is widely thought in modern societies that the Christian Church is not so much a source of true knowledge as it is an agency which stands for good values and which is supported because it does so. …. I am troubled by the fact that evangelism is - in effect - equated with revival, with a return to values which have been forgotten and need to be reaffirmed. It is not so often acknowledged that evangelism means calling people to believe something which is radically different from what is normally accepted as public truth, and that it calls for a conversion not only of the heart and the will but of the mind. A serious commitment to evangelism, to the telling of the story which the church is sent to tell, means a radical questioning of the reigning assumptions of public life. It is to affirm the gospel not only as an invitation to a private and personal decision but as public truth which ought to be acknowledged as true for the whole of the life of society."

Are we all about the second commandment "love thy neighbor"

at the expense of the First "Love the Lord your God?"

Are we calling people to be nice to each other or are we calling them to the truth?

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