Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hope.... Fear.... Adventure....

Watch the Movie trailer here:

I have seen this trailer for the new movie "Where the Wild things are" at least a dozen times. And every time it moves me profoundly. There is something deep & wonderful & spiritual about it. It says something to me about God.

God is calling us to child like faith, to a great adventure, to a deep & meaningful relationship based on His love.
The local Christian radio station has a tag line: "designed to be safe for your family" and i know what they are getting at, and that is good, but i always cringe a little. Is our faith maybe a little too 'safe?' too comfortable and secure? Don't our hearts long for a wild faith? A Faith that recklessly abandons the false constraints of this world & joins in with the "wild rumpus" of what God is doing?

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