Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From Vampires to Jesus

Anne Rice is best know for her vampire novels which introduced the vampire Lastat. Think of the Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt movie "Interview with a Vampire." She wrote around 20 or so vampire & witch books. But recently she has been writing about Jesus. Two excellent books on Jesus "Out of Egypt" and "Road to Cana" trace Jesus' childhood to adulthood. Her third book on the life opf Christ "The Kingdom of Heaven" is due out shortly. She has also written "Called Out of Darkness" about her own spiritual journey.

From the Publisher's Weekly:
When Anne Rice stopped crafting stories about vampires and began writing about Jesus, many of her fans were shocked. This autobiographical spiritual memoir provides an account of how the author rediscovered and fully embraced her Catholic faith after decades as a self-proclaimed atheist. Rice begins with her childhood in New Orleans, when she seriously considered entering a convent. As she grows into a young adult she delves into concerns about faith, God and the Catholic Church that lead her away from religion. The author finally reclaims her Catholic faith in the late 1990s, describing it as a movement toward total surrender to God. She writes beautifully about how through clouds of doubt and pain she finds clarity, realizing how much she loved God and desired to surrender her being, including her writing talent, to God. Covering such a large sequence of time and life events is not easy, and some of the author's transitions are a bit jarring. Fans of Rice's earlier works will enjoy discovering more about her life and fascinating journey of faith. (Oct. 7)
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In the appendix to "Out of Egypt" she list her Biblical influences which include: N.T. Wright, D.A. Carson, Craig Bloomberg, & St. Augustine

She is quoted in the Wall Street Journal Nov 12, 2005. Talking about the extensive research she did on the historical Christ by reading the works of the most respected scholars. She was amazed at how weak their arguments were:
(referenced in Keller "Reason for God" p.99)
Some books were no more that assumptions piled on assumptions…. Conclusions were reached on the basis of little or no data at all… The whole case for the non-divine Jesus who stumbled into Jerusalem and somehow got crucified … that whole picture which had floated around the liberal circles I frequented as an atheist for thirty years - that case was not made. Not only was it not made, I discovered in this field some of the worst and most biased scholarship I'd ever read.

Check out her own website here:

I just picked up her newest book "Angel Time" and am excited to read it.
Kirkus review writes:
"Time travel, ultraviolence and medieval madness—divine intervention rendered fantastically by Rice... With two marvelous reimaginings of the Gospels and a spiritual autobiography recently extending her range, Rice revisits the shadows of her vampire classics; now, however, with her return to Catholicism, her sinners vie for redemption... Angelically inspiring. Devilishly clever."

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